Sitefinity Development

We use Sitefinity to Build clean, modern, fast websites using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET MVC technology. We create new widgets with MVC and use them together on the same website page with widgets built in ASP.NET WebForms.

What are the Benefits

of Sitefinity Development?


That's right - Sitefinity Web Content Management System works with ASP.NET MVC out of the box and you can directly integrate your MVC code: POCO models, Razor Views and Controllers. Adding a simple attribute to register a controller and it automatically becomes available to end users to place onto pages. The system also supports a hybrid development environment, where WebForms controls and MVC widgets can live together.


Sitefinity has a suite of integrated SEO tools that ensure you get the most out of your website with improved discoverability in search engine results. The Sitefinity content management system gives us complete control over URLs. It allows us to customize URLs to create a stable, SEO-friendly URL architecture which improves your website's search engine visibility. Sitefinity allows us to generate superior mobile experiences on any device, all sourced from the same content. This is great for SEO since Google loves Responsive Design and recommends it because it produces one URL for your website instead of many (one for mobile, one for desktop, etc.). This means higher traffic to your URL’s and higher credibility from Google.

Mobile App

Sitefinity makes mobile apps a reality for everyone. Using Sitefinity CMS Mobile App Builder we could create mobile apps by simply checking a box to re-purpose content. Any content can be used to create apps that work on any device. Mobile apps create the ultimate engagement experience by leveraging device sensors and data, such as geolocation, to boost the relevancy of your content. The generated app looks great and works great, but unique requirements demand unique applications. Sitefinity CMS Mobile App Builder empowers our developers with full control over the app. Sitefinity integrates directly with Telerik AppBuilder - Telerik’s cloud-based mobile development environment. Or, use our IDE of choice by directly downloading the source code.

Responsive Web Design

Sitefinity has a built-in Responsive Design Engine that automatically adapts pages for any device and screen size based on pre-defined rules. This is all handled through the user interface. Mobile visitors need to easily navigate your website. Navigation that extends beyond the screen or is hard-to-tap will result in frustration and site abandonment. Sitefinity comes with built-in responsive navigation widgets that enable touch-friendly navigation for mobile devices using predefined CSS. This will allow you to accelerate mobile content delivery and strengthen engagement with visitors that browse your site on mobile devices.